Print Marketing

Elevate Your Brand with Cohesive Design Materials

Print marketing refers to the use of printed materials to promote products, services, or businesses. We understand the thought and care that go into creating cohesive printed communications.  As talented graphic designers beMORR Multimedia Design  has the ability to extend your brand to the offline market, creating identities systems, direct mail pieces, brochures, postcards, and more.

Is Print Marketing Still Relevant?

Print Marketing PostcardThe importance of having marketing materials in print can vary depending on the nature of your business, target audience, and marketing goals.

Print marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, and catalogs can be a great way to reach potential customers who may not be accessible through digital channels. For example, if your target audience is older or less tech-savvy, they may prefer to receive information about your products or services in print rather than online.

Print marketing materials can also serve as a tangible reminder of your brand, and can be more memorable than digital ads or emails. They can be passed around and shared, and may be more likely to be kept by customers for future reference.

However, print marketing materials can be expensive to produce and distribute, and may not be as trackable as digital marketing efforts. It’s important to weigh the cost and potential ROI of print marketing materials against other marketing channels and strategies to determine if they are the right fit for your business.

In summary, while print marketing materials can be a valuable addition to your overall marketing strategy, it’s important to assess your business’s specific needs and audience before deciding if they are necessary.

Simple Pricing for Design Files – Printing Available

We provide you with the design files and can assist you with our printing partner to facilitate your needs. Pricing below is solely for design unless otherwise noted. Below are basic pricing for a variety of types of projects. Please contact us directly to learn more about your specific needs or to request a quote.

Business Card Design

Printed business cards are an important tool for networking and promoting your business. They serve as a physical representation of your brand and provide a convenient way to share your contact information with potential customers, partners, or investors. Here are some reasons why printed business cards are still important in today’s digital age:

  • Professionalism: Business cards are an important tool for networking and making new connections.  A well-designed business card can convey professionalism and help establish credibility for your business. It shows that you are serious about your work and take the time to invest in quality materials.
  • Branding: Business cards provide an opportunity to showcase your branding and visual identity. A consistent and visually appealing design can help reinforce your brand and make a memorable impression on potential customers.
  • Tangibility: A printed business card provides a tangible representation of your business that can be held and touched. It can create a lasting impression on potential customers or partners and help them remember your business when they need your services.

Direct Mail Postcard Design

Direct mail postcards are a cost-effective way to reach a specific audience and can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, such as promoting a new product or service, announcing a sale or event, or simply building brand awareness.

beMORR will design your direct mail piece to be eye-catching and memorable, with bold colors, images, and graphics that convey the intended message.

Postcard Mailer Design

Direct Mail Quarterly Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter can be a cost-effective way to build relationships with your audience and promote your business. By providing regular updates, insights, and promotions, you can keep your brand top of mind and build a loyal customer base over time. When customers feel connected to your brand, they are more likely to  become repeat customers.

Here are some benefits of a quarterly newsletter:

  • Builds brand awareness: By consistently delivering your message and branding, a quarterly newsletter can help reinforce your brand identity and keep it top of mind with your audience.
  • Establishes authority: A quarterly newsletter can be a platform to share insights and expertise in your industry. By positioning your company as an authority in your field, you can increase credibility and build trust with your audience.
  • Increases engagement: A well-crafted newsletter can encourage readers to take action, such as visiting your website, purchasing products or services, or sharing the newsletter with others.
Postcard Mailer Design

Company Brochure

The purpose of a company brochure is to provide a snapshot of the company and its offerings in a concise and visually appealing format. It can help attract and retain customers by communicating the company’s value proposition and establishing its credibility in the market.

Some common objectives of a company brochure include:

  • Introducing the company: A brochure provides an opportunity for a company to introduce itself and its products or services to potential customers. It can highlight the company’s unique features and value proposition.
  • Building brand awareness: A brochure can showcase a company’s branding and messaging in a tangible, physical format. It can help reinforce the company’s visual identity and build brand awareness among its target audience.
  • Educating customers: A brochure can educate customers on the benefits and features of a company’s products or services. It can provide details on how the product or service works, how it can benefit the customer, and how it compares to similar products or services on the market.
  • Establishing credibility: A well-designed brochure can help establish a company’s credibility and professionalism. It can showcase the company’s experience, awards, certifications, and other accolades.
  • Generating leads: A brochure can serve as a lead generation tool by providing contact information or a call-to-action for interested customers to learn more or request more information about the company’s products or services.
Print Marketing Brochure

Physician Marketing – Folder Design & Step Inserts

Physician marketing aims to attract and retain patients by building brand awareness, educating patients, fostering engagement, and providing a positive patient experience. Effective physician marketing strategies can help to increase patient volume and build a strong reputation in the medical community.Print Marketing Design

Here are some common objectives of physician marketing:

  • Increase patient volume: Physician marketing aims to increase the number of patients who seek medical services from a physician or a medical practice. This can be achieved through various marketing channels, such as digital marketing, direct mail, and events.
  • Build brand awareness: Physician marketing helps to build brand awareness and reputation for a physician or a medical practice. This can be achieved through various branding strategies, such as a strong online presence, patient testimonials, and positive reviews.
  • Educate patients: Physician marketing can educate patients about the medical services offered by a physician or a medical practice. This can include providing information about new treatments or procedures, addressing common health concerns, or sharing medical insights and advice.
  • Foster patient engagement: Physician marketing aims to foster engagement and communication between patients and their healthcare providers. This can be achieved through various channels, such as patient portals, social media, and email newsletters.
  • Enhance patient experience: Physician marketing aims to enhance the patient experience by providing excellent customer service and a positive overall experience. This can include providing convenient scheduling options, personalized care, and follow-up communication.

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